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photo Need M4X Protein Need M4X Protein
Need M4X Protein


By : Protein

5 LB
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Product:- Protein M4X
Brand:- Need
Flavour:- Brownie n Melted Chocolate

Product Details

PROTEIN M4X is a professional blend of 4 different sources of protein, especially mixed to act over your muscles at different stages, delivering all the necessary nutrients in time. Whey concentrate, whey isolate, soy all-vegetal protein isolate, and micellar casein are the 4 different sources of protein present in this unique formulation. PROTEIN M4X by NEED is free of aspartame, with a special sweetener mixture of steviol glycosides and sucralose, delivering a sweet and tasty flavor to your protein shakes. In NEED we bet on the purity and the maximum quality in the products elaborated with the best raw materials and patents of the market which guarantee the results with clinical studies. PROTEIN M4X. All the PROTEIN you need.


  • Advanced Creapure Formulation
  • Increases Performance
  • Promotes Muscle Growth PRO FEATURE
  • Boost Endurance
  • Reduce Muscle Stress And Fatigue
  • Increases Physical Performance

Protein mix (Whey (MILK) protein concentrate (emulsifier (SOY lecithin)) 74.05%, Whey (MILK) protein isolate (emulsifier (SOY lecithin)) 5%, Micellar casein (total MILK protein) 5%, SOY protein isolate 5%), Defatted cocoa powder 6%, Flavours, Sweeteners (steviol glycosides, sucralose).

Mix 30g in water or skimmed milk (200-250ml). Take 1-2 services a day, preferably 1 shake at breakfast and 1 shake after training.

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