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photo MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein
MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein


By : Protein

5 LB 5.5 LB
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Product:- Whey Gold Protein
Brand:- MuscleBlaze
Flavour:- Rich Milk Chocolate, Dark Choco Passion, Mocha Cappucino

Product Details

If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who only settle for the best protein for themselves, then MuscleBlaze Whey Gold Protein is what you need. It is one of the best protein powders that is formulated to meet your bodybuilding requirements. A 30g serving size of Whey Gold delivers 25g of whey protein isolate, 1.65g of carbs, 4.38g of glutamic acid, 5.5g of BCAA, and 0.46g of fats.


  • It has the highest PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid) Score of 1
  • It is Labdoor, USA- tested and certified. It is rigorously tested for accuracy of label claims and purity independently by Labdoor Inc in California, USA
  • It delivers 25g protein per 30g serving, along with 11.75g EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) and 5.51g BCAAs per serving for fast muscle recovery
  • Also contains DigeZyme, a multi-enzyme blend to enhance protein digestibility and increase the bioavailability of other nutrients

Pure whey isolate, Amino acids, Branched-chain amino acids

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