Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins and Fish Oil Supplements

Benefits of Vitamin And Fish Oil Supplements

There is a wide range of quality fish oil supplements. If you have questions about the labeling, your healthcare provider can assist you. In this article, we will know the benefits of vitamin and fish oil supplements. In a study with 25,000 people, researchers compared people who took vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids with people who took a placebo and found significantly fewer cases of autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis in people who took vitamin D.

We are excited to have these new and promising results for nontoxic vitamins and supplements that protect against potentially severe diseases. This study provides the first direct evidence that vitamin D supplementation may reduce autoimmune disease incidence, with a more pronounced impact after two years of vitamin D supplementation.

Approximately 20 crore people in India suffer from an autoimmune disease. Normal immune function protects the body from infections and diseases, but autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system is overactive and mistakenly attacks its own cells and tissues.

In addition to multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and type 1 diabetes, there are more than 80 known autoimmune diseases. More than 20 million Indians live with an autoimmune disorder, which affects 5 to 8 percent of the population.

Vitamin D And Omega-3s Linked to Immune Function

Autoimmune diseases aren’t contagious, so scientists don’t know how they develop. In many autoimmune conditions, there is a hereditary component, and there may be an environmental factor or a virus that triggers the disease if an individual has the genes for it.

Omega-3 fatty acids taken in food form, as well as fish oil supplements, may be helpful in treating some autoimmune diseases, according to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology.

Taking vitamin D every day significantly lowers the risk of autoimmune diseases

VITAL was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 25,871 participants that evaluated the effects of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on various types of cancer and cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. 71% of respondents were non-Hispanic white, 20% were black, and 9% were from other races or ethnicities; 51% were women, and the average age was 67.1 years old.

In an ancillary study that would take place before the trial was started, researchers also planned to examine how many people developed an autoimmune disease after taking the supplements. 

Vitamin D treatment significantly reduced the prevalence of autoimmune disease in 123 out of 155 participants who were randomized to receive the supplement and 155 out of 155 in the placebo group.

One hundred and thirty-two patients in the placebo group and 148 in the group that took fish oil supplements were diagnosed with autoimmune disease. This reduction was not statistically significant, even though it was a 15 percent drop. The researchers could not be certain that the reduction arose from chance, despite there being a reduction.

In spite of this, a longer supplementation period led to a greater impact on omega-3 fatty acid levels. 99 percent of patients with autoimmune diseases have vitamin D and omega levels that are above the norm; we routinely check these levels in our clinics and are often low in both, unless they are taking a supplement or consuming fatty fish as part of their diet.

What is the best dosage of Vitamin D and Fish Oil Supplements?

Checking your levels first is a good idea. “Research indicates that those with vitamin D levels in the lowest quartile will likely benefit the most from supplementation.

Women and men, 55 years of age and older who are at an increased risk of autoimmune disorders can take 2,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D a day in combination with 1,000 milligrams of marine omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) – the dose used in VITAL.

It’s a good idea to check in with your doctor before taking supplements. “We do have to be careful with vitamin D supplementation because it is stored in our fat and can accumulate in the body. Though it isn’t very common, taking very large doses could result in toxicity.

Fish oil supplements can vary in quality. Your provider may have suggestions on what to look for in labeling, or you can research different brands such as Powergenx.

You can find all the health supplements you need at PowerGenx, where your search ends. In addition to getting the best advice, you’ll also be able to connect with health experts.

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